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About Envipak

ENVI-PAK is the longest operating authorized organization in Slovakia that has been implementing its activities since 2003.

Its founders comprise strong players in the Slovak market that guarantee the system’s stability and compliance with regulatory obligations ensured by ENVI-PAK on behalf of its Clients.

The main service ENVI-PAK provides is the packaging waste collection, recovery and recycling for our Clients pursuant to Art. 7, Par. 1 of the Packaging Act No. 119/2010 Coll.

With its activities ENVI-PAK promotes the operation and development of separate packaging waste collection and recycling system.

In 2004 ENVI-PAK became the first authorized organization pursuant to the (back then applicable) Art. 8, Par. 2 of the Packaging Act No. 529/2002 Coll. as amended and ENVI-PAK was registered pursuant to Art. 9 Par. 5 with the Slovak Ministry for the Environment and listed as an authorized organization.

At its founding in 2003 ENVI-PAK became a member of the PRO EUROPE organization associating similar systems all over Europe.

ENVI-PAK is a license holder entitled to use the “GREEN DOT” Pictorial Trademark in the Slovak Republic. ENVI-PAK holds the exclusive right to license producers and distributors to use the “GREEN DOT” Pictorial Trademark image on the packaging of products they place on the market or put into circulation in the Slovak Republic.


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