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We ensure for our Clients packaging waste collection, recovery and recycling pursuant to the Packaging Act No. 119/2010.


Supporting packaging-waste collection directly from citizens and providing consulting in the field of separate waste collection.


Information and data for media – the ENVI-PAK logo and the visual of the international pictorial trademark Green dot.

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Electronic invoicing for our clients
ENVI-PAK is an environmental company and we are highly devoted to continual reducing the impact of our activities on the environment. Our…
The quality of ENVI-PAK’s internal processes officially confirmed!
On February 2, 2010 ENVI-PAK confirmed the quality of its internal processes and became a certified integrated management quality system.…
Envipak encourages its clients to fill in all the neccessary forms online
All your paperwork can be done online. Contatc us to gain entry into our Client Zone where you can explore your options of online…

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